Football:migration migration:football

They are inseparable. An entertaining, critical observation of this fact can open eyes.

Personal fates and collective waves of emotions paint a picture, not only about International football, but also mirror fundamental principles, that we see in our lives everyday.

Migration and variation are anchored deep in our genes. Diversity allows life and survival, for big and small. These words however, at this point in time, are polarising, emotionalising and are dominating social debates, this is a reason to dare a closer look at our bipolar society. Our challenge lies within finding a pinpoint perspective that allows to highlight the different opinions and collective mood swings, take these and make them comprehensible for any audience. A micro cosmos, which once explored can hold an answer for the bigger picture. Compelling and entertaining! We believe Football is such a frontier.

Not for nothing, have sociologists and humanitarian scientists been observing the correlation between mass sports and the impact it can have on various cultures. For this very reason we are identifying the scenario behind migrations on the diverse level of football and emotions that the sport personifies. With stories of, up to this date, unknown individuals through to the everyday lives of idols and famous personalities, we want to realise a feature film that does not shy away from the rainbow of emotions and the controversy we will address. Because this also is a part of being human!


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