03/22/2013 Attention goes Kickstarter

guillaumeWe launched a crowdfunding campaign for our film project "Attention, a life in Extremes" and we're very excited. You can take a look here>

As you probably know, "Attention, a Life in Extremes" - a feat. documentary about extremes sports and its psychological and sociological effects - is still in progress. 
>>> http://www.attentionalifeinextremes.com/ <<<

Now we ask YOU to support our project: With a handful of coins or by just spreading the word, you can help us with our further plans: 
♥♥♥♥ What we still need is to shoot another wingsuit flying part with Halvor Angvik in HIGH SPEED and a deeeeep sea shooting with freediver Guillaume Néry. ♥♥♥♥

<< Halvor Angvik >>

<< Guillaume Néry >> 

<< Gerhard Gulewicz >> 

Ever seen a human being -100meters beneath the earth? Can you imagine, how a freediver's face looks like - with that pressure in that depth??? 

As all of you know, nothing in life is for free. But we're working very hard & we're giving our best to present you one of the most exciting, interesting and stunning extreme sports movies you've ever seen.
For that reason, we would be delighted if you take one minute or less of your time, to check out Attention's brand new Kickstarter site! And to say THANK YOU, you'll get great give aways for every single support :-) 
Well.. we are very thankful for all the people, who support us already on Facebook and Twitter - we havn't expected such a big community. 

music by ANNA MÜLLER (HVOB) 


02/12/2013 International Premiere "The Best Offer"

We are proud that AdriAlpe-Media worked as
Austrian Service Production on that Movie:

„The Best Offer“
Director: Giuseppe Tornatore
Studio: Paco Cinematografica, Warner Bros
Distributed by: Warner Bros

Maincast: Geoffrey Rush, Jim Sturgess, Syliva Hoeks,
Donald Sutherland,..
Music: Ennio Morricone
DoP: Fabio Zamarion
Prod.Design: Maurizio Sabatini
Costume: Maurizio Milenotti

International Premiere at the Berlinale (Special Gala)
Today, 12.2.2013; 9p.m. Friedrichstadtpalast

Press Conference
Today 7.40. pm Hotel-Hyatt Berlin with Giuseppe Tornatore, Geoffrey Rush, Jim Sturgess and Ennio Morricone

Cinema Release Italy: 04.1.2013
More than 1million viewers until now
Cinema Release at the germanspoken Market: 21.3.2013





12/03/2012 Honary Doctorate for the protagonists of 'Eviction of Intellect'

We are proud to announce that the three high profile Scientists and protagonists of our Documentary 'Eviction of Intellect' - WALTER KOHN, ALFRED BADER and  PETER PULZER will recieve the honary doctorate from the University of Vienna tomorrow.
When: Tomorrow 4th of December, 11:00am
Where: University of Vienna, Großer Festsaal, 1., Universitätsring
You can find more information about the documentary we made about these 3 scientists including Carl Djerassi on our website.
A beautiful DVD is also available!  
More info to the event tomorrow:

11/08/2012 Branko Petrovic - Hydro Dynamic 2012

This weekend we will follow Branko Petrovic while his attempt to achieve a new world record in static apnea: trying to stop breathing for 12 minutes, under water!
We're looking forward to it and we wish him good luck!

More about the event:
Hydro Dynamic

More about our film:
Attention, a life in Extremes

07/18/2012 AIDA World Championship 2012 

We will attend the AIDA Worldchampionship 2012 in Villefranche-sur-Mer with Guillaume Néry from 1st - 14th September.
For more information about the AIDA Worldchampionship: 



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