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In 2002 Carl Hollmann Filmography - D.o.P. and Producer founded the filmproduction Adrialpe Media which provides full production services including production and consulting services. Since 2002 establishing Adrialpe Media as Production-, Distributionhouse in Vienna (A), Trieste (I) and since 2013 in London (UK).



Production of "Born on the high seas" (Working Title)
Feat. documentary; Dir. Sascha Koellnreitner
Status: in progress
Planned Cinema Release: tbd


The third part of the trilogy "Eviction of the Intelligence"
"Martin Karplus - The invisible made visible"
Status: in progress

26. Sept. 2014

Cinema release of  "Attention, A Life in Extremes" in Austria


Post Production of "Attention, A Life in Extremes"
Feat. documentary; Dir.: Sascha Koellnreitner
Status: Post Production
Planned Cinema Release: Spring 2014

2012 - 2013

Culture TV documentaries for Red Bull Media House:
"Guillaume Néry"
"Die Audiogruppe"
"Quayola - Abstracting The Masters"

2012 Production Service for "The Best Offer"
Feature; Dir.: Guiseppe Tornatore
2012 Production of "Attention, a Life in Extremes"  
Feat. documentary; Dir.: Sascha Koellnreitner
Status: still in progress
Planned Cinema Release: Spring 2014
2011 Cinema Release Germany and Austria "New York...November"
Feature 105 min; Dir.: Gerhard Fillei, Joachim Krenn
2011  DVD Release „Eviction of Intellect“;
Documentary series; 2 parts

Carl Djerassi –Vienna’s lost son“ 45.Min.
„Eviction of Intellect – Four Worldstars of Science“ 45.Min
Dir.: Eberhardt Büssem
Worldsales: Filmdelights 
2010 Production of D´Emilio Alvaro´s novel "Belli dentro";
Feature, Coproduction with MAM-Venezia,

status: pre- production
2010 Postproduction of "Vienna's lost jewish intelligence";
TV Documentary; 45min.
2008-2010 Production of „NEW YORK NOVEMBER“;
Feature 105 min;
Dir.: Gerhard Fillei, Joachim Krenn

Status: in Austrian Cinemas: 30 Nov 2011,

Production of „Carl Djerassi-Vienna's lost son";
Documentary 45 min.- on air Nov.2008;
Dir.: Eberhard Büssem
Trailer: Carl Djerassi-Vienna's lost son, Carl Djerassi-Vienna's lost son (vimeo)
Reviews: JWF, ORF, Funkkorrespondenz 


Production of „Pasolini Code“;
Documentary 20 min.concerning the 30 anniversary
of the death of Pier Paolo Pasolini Feat. Giuseppe Zigaina
Trailer: Pasolini Code

 2005  Production of „Kotva“;
Feature; Dir.:Reinhard Jud, Ursula Mihelic;
45 min (Feat: Petra Morze) 

Cine-Distribution of „Fräulein Phyllis“;
Feature, (Feat: Sophie Rois)
Trailer: Fräulein Phyllis

 2004 Cine-Distribution of „Guarded Secrets";
Feature (Aut/ Hungarian Coproduction)
 Since 2002

Production and distribution of div. DVDs/Arthouse



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